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DS Products supplies industrial cleaning products, specifically developed for your needs. Also for cold degreasers, deodorants, disinfectants or specialization products, you are at the right place at DS Products. We not only assist you with professional advice but provide in-the-field support so that you can achieve optimal results with our products.

Service & Quality

Quality is of paramount importance at DS Products. This is not only reflected in our knowledge and service-oriented way of working, but is also manifested in the use of high-quality raw materials that ensure that we can always offer products of the highest quality.

Furthermore, we also offer support and advice on legislation, msds-en, labeling, …

Tailor-made chemistry

Because there is no ready-made solution for every cleaning problem, DS Products offers you products that are developed specifically to your needs. We will assess the situation on the spot, if possible take a sample of the pollution with which our team of product developers can get started. This way we can quickly offer you a customized cleaning product that will make your cleaning problem a thing of the past.

Private label

Heeft u liever uw eigen productnaam en uw eigen gegevens op de labels ? Ook dat is geen probleem.  DS Products ontwikkelt in nauw overleg met u en volledig naar uw behoeften, uw eigen private label.

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